Subconscious  Mind  Clearing

   Welcome to your subconscious mind.   It has two main functions -  1] automatic body operations and maintenance via the autonomic nervous system, and 2] storage of all  perceptions, experiences, impressions [memories] from the moment we are born [maybe even from conceptions].  "All" memories include those which we decided were 'supportive' - positive or beneficial, as well as those we determined were "limiting" - negative restrictive, or a hinderance.  They all got filed away.  Together they determine our world view [belief systems]  as well as one's  ability / skill to achieve and enjoy.

Problem is, you likely forgot what and why we formed our belief systems which probably started in childhood. When a belief was formed early on, you likely did NOT distinguish between the 'reality' of what you experienced, and the meaning you assigned to it.  But all meaning exists only in your mind.  Hence, we act successfully or unsuccessfully based these buried experiences and conclusions.  If, for example, you determined as an early core meaning such beliefs as: I'm not good enough, I'll never get what I want, life is hard, I don't feel safe, others can't be trusted, etc., the results of our/your adults efforts will reinforce those beliefs - for better or worse - and influence our decisions on future actions.   It is called the Action - Impression - Desire  cycle.   [see more here]

   Experiences - and the conclusions about them - build upon another over many years, creating 'clusters of memories' [thought forms], as well as clusters of neural connections in your brain.   <illus>   Thus, core patterns become very strong and determine our habits. You and I are creatures of habit, habits that we think are the 'truth'.

                                      Subconscious Mind  Intro   

Conscious Efforting vs. Subconscious Influencing

  Change is difficult / challenging!

  The challenge of changing your patterns of limitation can be seen in a tree analogy.   Subconscious formative or 'root' impressions can be compared to the root structure of a tree.  The tree's root system is immense, with numerous extensions - much more than the trunk of the tree.  Likewise, the vast collection of old memories in your subconscious mind vastly outweighs your conscious efforts of thought and will power to make major changes.   The  "mind tree",  shown here, illustrates this comparison.


            superconscious mind (branches)---->

            conscious mind  (trunk)         ------->

            subconscious mind (roots) --->

  The primary reason why change and growth using such tools as "thinking positive", writing affirmations, exercising will power, etc. remains challenging lies in the contrast.  Conscious efforts alone only uses the 'strength' of the trunk vs. the strength of the deeply imbedded patterns of the subconscious 'root system' -- analogous to 10 lbs for force vs. 90 lbs of force.  Indeed, the conscious mind uses only about 10% of our ultimate mental potential.  Additionally,  we have yet to consider and make up of the upper branches segment of the tree [see 'superconscious' section of this site].  Hence, the strength of beliefs and tendencies lying in the subconscious mind will win the 'contest' over conscious mind efforting most every time.  .  

Importance of Subconscious Clearing

 Although clearing ‘root’ patterns may require considerable work, it is critical to do so.  Living your life more effectively and smoothly demands that you “root out” those ideas and beliefs and patterns that don’t help you now.

  How far ahead are you going to get in reaching your goals, your enjoyment of life with all those limiting subconscious root patterns holding you back?  Not very far!   Yes, you can change your patterns via consciousl effort to create new thoughts and beliefs, but whoa, that is a herculean task given the subconscious/conscious ‘contest’.  Without clearing your deeper, subconscious thought patterns (and balancing the nervous system), your mental attitude will tend to default to your formative beliefs and views.  Thus, you face an uphill battle in overcoming struggle, frustration, sadness, hesitation, fear, etc.

Clearing Methods

   Listed below are overviews of a few (of many) methods (called ‘interventions’) that have been developed and tested for clearing the influence self-sabotaging “programs” - thoughts/beliefs/feelings - from your subconscious mind (memories can’t be erased, but our conclusions or influence of them can be neutralized).   These approaches are briefly explained in this site along with contact information to learn more about them, learn how to use it yourself, or find a practitioner who can use them to assist you.  

“Lightly” Inhibiting Patterns:  The methods described in this section are suited for people who are generally functional, fairly balanced, and can pretty successfully manage to interact with others and in society...but realize they have behaviors or attitudes that holds them back from being successful in their personal and occupational interactions and from a fuller enjoyment of life.

"Deeply" Inhibiting Patterns - Professional Assistance:  For those of you who have more debilitating patterns or behaviors such as: addictions, depression, severe anxiety, violent behaviors, mood swings, trauma impacts, etc.,  you need to first work with a professional therapist.  He or she can work with you in depth and get you started on a path which will enable you to live and function at more “normal” capacities.   Once your become more stabilized and functional, you can then clear lighter patterns using one or more of the methods used here.

 Clearing Approaches:

Some methods for clearing work successfully when those “causing” thoughts/beliefs can be consciously identified.   Other methods work better for issues where the causing source[s] are hard to identify [most cases].

Examples for choosing one approach or the other:

a] You can remember a near fatal accident your father had when you were much younger. Your mother panicked. The incident was a bit traumatic for you. Now as an adult, you think you “got over it”.  However, you have an attitude that the world is not safe, making you hesitant and overly cautious in all kinds of decisions and choices.

b] Your romantic relationships are short lived. The partners suddenly leave you after about a year. You are perplexed as to why this pattern keeps repeating and cannot figure out why;  failing to realize that it is some belief construct deep in your subconscious mind that is the root of it. 

Method One:

  Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis In the hypnotic state, the analytical, reasoning part of the conscious mind is ‘set aside’ and access to the subconscious experiences becomes much more easily available.   The person in hypnosis is deeply relaxed, yet awake.  It is NOT a state where you don’t know what’s happening.   A well trained hypnotist /hypno-therapist can then guide you to safely recall old memories/impressions in which early conclusions about ‘reality’ were formed.  Once identified, the hypnotist can clear the memory’s impact.  Memory ‘files’ cannot be erased from our minds, but the influence of them can be rectified.

 Efficacy:  A study done by American Health Magazine  compared hypnosis to psychoanalysis and behavior therapy as a corrective method.   The results:  Hypnosis - 93% recovery after 6 sessions;  PsychoAnalysis - 38% after 600 sessions; and  Behavorial Therapy - 72% recovery after 22 sessions.  Indeed, I used this tool extensively with much success when I had a private practice.

  You can learn do hypnotize yourself if you have the time and drive to do so. Going into the receptive mental state [sometimes called the ‘alpha’ state], and doing correct recall procedures will help you to remember instances in your past that are the source of your current blocks /faulty conclusions. ...

 However, if the block is originally due to abusive or traumatic incidents, recalling that incident[s] can be delicate. Better to have a trained facilitator to help guide you through the issue.   You can search for certified hypnotists/hynotherapists in your area via your phone book, an internet search, or through mutual friends. 

Method Two:

  Journey of Profound Healing.  A very powerful subconscious clearing process I know about - and personally have participated in (2010) - is called Journey of Profound Healing (JOPH).   JOPH involves an intensive, small group, 4 day in-residence process which is personally led by an enlightened Being whose name is Sai Maa.  The course is designed to identify and uproot the deepest source of the participant’s pain, suffering, addiction, or restriction in one’s subconscious whether they are conscious of it or unconscious of it.  This is partly so because Sai Maa, living in an expanded consciousness and being able to see subtle energies, can readily perceive old patterns in the participant’s mind and work energetically with them on that level.  From their website:  “This unprecedented depth of healing at its root provides access to directly experience life in a way never before possible”.  

  This is especially helpful for people who don’t know what their deepest negative core pattern is.  Such was the situation in my case.  She helped me identify an emotional pattern (insecurity) related to my father’s health when I was six years old that I was completely unaware of.  When I released the stuck energy of that early emotion, my consciousness was expanded for several days and I began to release the deep rooted insecurity that I had been holding for decades.

    No specific knowledge, set of beliefs, experience or practice is needed to participate. The course is done only once.  Some benefits from taking the course, as listed in their website are: Deeper intimacy in all relationships, Increase in job satisfaction and abundance, Physical vibrancy, emotional stability, and mental clarity; Acceleration of spiritual progress. 

   I can personally attest that the course is worth the investment.   More information and registration details can be found at their website:  www 

Method Three:

  The “Lefkoe Method” (TLM)  was developed by and is used by therapist Morty (and Shelly) Lefkoe.   

  {from their website}: (They) “usually can identify the roots of your problems in the first session and then we immediately get to work eliminating  these "roots."   It is an explicit, reproducible technique that allows people to identify the beliefs responsible for dysfunctional behavioral or emotional patterns, and then eliminate those beliefs. When all the beliefs responsible for any given pattern have been eliminated, the pattern disappears.”

  As Mr. Lefkoe states: “By returning to the experiences that led to a given belief (what we observed or heard) and realizing that the belief is only one possible interpretation of the experiences, in other words, "a truth" rather than "the truth", the belief will disappear.... In The Lefkoe Method {your} current belief is not given up because.... one does not get "talked out" of the existing belief.  The Lefkoe Method actually validates people for forming the belief earlier in life by assisting them to realize that most people probably would have made a similar decision....” 

  “Moreover, the "evidence" that you offer for a belief usually is not the real reason you believe it. The evidence offered usually consists of recent observations that appear to substantiate the belief. The real source of your beliefs, however, is interpretations of circumstances earlier in life. Fundamental beliefs about yourself and life usually are formed before the age of six. After a belief has been formed, however, you act consistently with it–...In other words, life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because the evidence you present to validate your beliefs usually is a consequence of the beliefs, not their source, challenging the validity of that evidence is not the most effective way to eliminate it.....  because the current belief is totally eliminated when you do The Lefkoe Method, you have no need to try to act differently when you go back "into life." Your behavior changes naturally and effortlessly once the belief is gone.”

  Using the Lefkoe method most always requires the guidance of a skilled person. Mr. Lefkoe has trained many people to be facilitators of his method.  You can find out more  and locate a facilitator that may be in your area via: www

Method Four:

   EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique / TFT - Thought Field Therapy [meridian tapping].

  EFT/TFT involves tapping key points - called meridian circuit points - on the body  while verbalizing certain phrases for release.   Many years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits that run throughout the body. These energy circuits, or meridians as they are called, are the centerpiece of many Eastern health practices.  That concept has been applied to this method.   (author’s note:  since the mind is not limited to the brain, belief patterns can be embedded in the body’s energy networks and cellular structures.  Hence, I see no inherent conflict in this method compared to other more “mental” approaches).

  In the 1990s, psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan developed Thought Field Therapy [TFT] -the tapping method - to release deep seated blocks in his patients. Since then, other practitioners of human health, most notably Gary Craig, have refined the method. They call the more simplified version EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. 

  Here is the key concept to the EFT method: “The source of all negative emotions is a disruption (or imbalance) in the body’s energy system.”   By using your fingers and tapping, in a systematic way, on key meridian junction points in your body, you can balance your body’s energy system and thus release the negative emotion(s). Although it usually requires more than one “tapping session”,  most fears, etc. can soon dissipate.  When the  negative emotions no longer keeps arising in your conscious awareness, it’s impact has been neutralized or at least marginalized, even though you did not learn what the causal, core, influencing experience was in your early life.  This was one of the key tools I used when I had a private practice.

  It is pretty easy to learn and practice,  comparatively painless, yet when done correctly, has proven effective.  Plenty of instructional videos of EFT can be viewed on the internet via YouTube.  The primary website regarding this method is: www emofree com.  If someone in your area offers a training class in this method, I highly recommend taking it.

  Once you learn the EFT method and understand how to use on yourself for a variety of needs, then you have a tool you can continue to use most anytime, anywhere.

Method Five:

   Deep Meditation -  The deep relaxation process through certain meditation methods allow a natural ‘dissolving’ of embedded past impressions [stresses on the nervous system]. It is analogous to sitting in a bathtub and letting the warm, soapy water slowly dissolve a layer of dirt off the skin, one bath at a time.   Although meditation use over the long term is necessary to dissolve the deeper blocks, short term benefits of greater relaxation, centeredness, and personal insights are experienced more immediately. Given the multiple benefits that a regular meditative practice offers, I recommend incorporating it as part of your daily routine. 

      Many kinds of meditation exist and all have their special value.  However, for purposes of release of core issues, the processes that provide deep settling to the nervous system and a deep quieting to the mind via a gently used “a sound/word/mantra” format, such as Transcendental Meditation [TM] or Deepak Chopra’s Primodial Sound meditation [PSM], or G. Quant's Integrated Quantum Meditation [IQM] provide a valuable ‘broad brush/sweep’ approach to gradually releasing subconscious blocks.     Contemplation, concentration, self observation [mindfulness], rhythmic breathing, energy moving, visualization, and guided types of meditation, though they have their own usefulness, are less effective for this purpose.    Contact info for the two types of meditation recommended are www;  www;  and  www

Method  Six:    

    Violet Flame Invoking  (energetic cleanse) -    The comprehensive violet flame (V.F.) method uses a  cleansing / purifying / clearing energy which can be used both for identifiable causes of blocks  as well as hidden causes of various blocks.  In this method, the person ‘calls in’ (invokes) to themselves a high vibrational energy called The Violet Flame (or Fire), and then directs it to implement the clearing and accelerate desire one wishes to achieve.  Called the violet flame because it vibrates at a frequency that appears, to those who can see auras, as the color violet.  The violet flame technique is best suitable for individuals who understand and are receptive to the concept, existence, and efficacy of subtle energies.  It’s action is reported to increase the vibratory rate of electrons in the body’s cellular [and etheric] levels such that discordant conditions at that level can no longer continue to exist.

   At least three features come with the violet flame use - it’s breath of use,  it’s depth of effectiveness, and it’s personal availability.   With it’s breath, it can be used to “burn away or “consume” blocks (discordant, imbalanced conditions) in any aspect of human endeavor - financial, behavioral, relations, negative emotions, and more. With it’s depth, it can be used to clear the deepest, core, and even causal source (karmic ‘seed’) of one’s limitations.  With it’s availability,  you can call it in and use by yourself anywhere, anytime.   Parents can clear limitations on their young children or even their ill pets by using the V.F.   It’s breath, depth, and availability makes this method comprehensively useful and hence, VERY powerful. 

  One general purpose invocation and declaration you may wish to try is:   “I call forth the Violet Flame to me -- to activate it for my protection and to transmute any limitation within my human mind”.    Like any other method,  V.F. invokng requires repeated use until results are observed. 

   A full explanatory and instructional booklet written by this author, with details of it’s understanding and history, as well as many specific invocations for numerous situations,  is available in pdf format for purchase via this website. A valuable addition to anyone’s personal wellness library.   {available soon}

Method Seven:

    Recall (Self Identify) and Reformulate.  [T.H. Ekar] If you are already consciously aware of long-ago incident(s) that caused the formative beliefs/ outlook/ limiting patterns, then you are ready to take the next step. If not aware, sometimes [often] they can be recalled by going into a quiet, relaxed state (see hypnosis and meditation methods below as options) with the goal to “request” your subconscious mind to bring conscious that/those incidents and conclusions.  If not initially able to recall them, look at your everyday habits, patterns, etc. that are not working for you. That’s your starting point to begin to begin the recall process. Once you can remember both 1) what the incident (an event, an adult ‘teaching’, or observation of adults behavior) and 2) the conclusion about life you made as a result of it, then you likely have found a core or semi-core “nugget”. 

    I call the next step the “reformulation” attitude. Create a declarative statement, a strongly worded decree, that constitutes the opposite belief or attitude of the limiting one.  For example: perhaps you have a repeated pattern of losing money in stock market investments. With the recall process, you discover that you have a subconscious belief about that from your father because he lost a lot of money that way and warned you that it was a “losing proposition”.

 Your contravening (positive), reformulation decree might be:  “I now have the savvy and skills to make good profits in the financial markets”.

     When you keep verbalizing and start really believing the positive declaration, that concept will eventually generate more power and strength then the older one.  Although the older, limiting belief is not neutralized with this method, it can become ‘marginalized’; overpowered by the newer attitude. 

Method  Eight:

    Recall and Release via Conscious Breathing- Some people have had success in reducing the influence/impact of core beliefs - when they have been able to recall the early, core incidents - by using a continual breathing process until the ‘energy’ of that negative emotion or belief becomes at least marginalized. Continual breathing ‘session’ may last 20 minutes or longer.  You could easily require multiple sessions. However, once you learn how to perform it properly, the process becomes easy to do.  More information about this method can be found at the following websites:                                         www;  www;  www;

Conclusion:  The methods explained above are a few of numerous possible techniques to clear old subconscious patterns that do not benefit you. For mildly limiting patterns, they constitute ones I find useful and practical.   The most important principle to grasp is that until your early, limiting attitudes and beliefs are neutralized or at least marginalized, they will hold you back from enjoying your experiences in the many facets of your daily living.  Clearing out the "old stuff"  is a foundational step in your journey of personal well-being.